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We offer corporate rates with special conditions and discounts for all employees.
Please check our Corporate Promotions section.

Yes, we never close and we are always available to accommodate your vehicle at any time and on any day of the year. *Excluded parking of Venezia T.C. and Savona Vado Ligure.

Certainly. Central Parking is primarily designed to meet the needs of those who fly with EasyJet, starting from Terminal 2, but it is also well positioned with respect to Terminal 1 and our services are valid for both solutions.

On request, our service centre partners will wash your vehicle inside and out, change tyres from a choice of top brands, perform mileage servicing and MOT testing.
And if your tank is almost empty, we can make sure it is filled up by the time you pick up your car from us.

Yes, but only if you have an oversize vehicle like a van, SUV or long station wagon.

Yes and it is free-of-charge, to and from the car park and terminal.

Yes, after you pick up your luggage call the numbers you are given when you leave your vehicle on the day of your arrival. Our shuttle can then pick you up at the terminal and take you to the parking lot to pick up your car.

Our shuttles are customized with our logo and possibly that of a Tour Operator partner. Our drivers can be identified by a Parcheggi Low Cost uniform and a name tag.

The cost of parking always includes theft and fire coverage.

Our Car Moving service means we can take your vehicle to the nearest Parcheggio Low Cost facility to the airport where you will be landing, and all at an affordable price. To make use of the service, just book it when you arrive at the car park or ask us for a quote using the form.

The costs related to fuel consumption and motorway tolls are charged to the customer

Yes, 24/7 and every five minutes to/from the airport terminal.

Parcheggi Low Cost’s VIP Parking option allows you to park in a special reserved space and take your keys with you. If you do not request VIP Parking, when you leave the car in our parking lot you will leave the keys with one of our staff. To speed up pick-up, we will have the vehicle ready for you when you arrive.

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